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There is no substitute for direct teaching.  That is a fact that many of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world have known since ancient times.  With the democratization of education around the world in the form of public education, more people than ever have access to skilled and qualified instructors to give them the tools they need to succeed in the modern world. 

However, those who have the knowledge or money will always support that one size fits all education with direct, personalized instruction.  Public education is an amazing perk of living in a developed nation but it is a broad stroke solution to learning.  It is an industrialized solution to a very human endeavor.  It is educational mass production when many students need individual support and attention.  Parents may not have the time, the expertise or their child may simply respond better to a third party than to mom or dad trying to teach something to them. 

For millennia, human beings learned directly from their parents, siblings, and family friends.  It is how we grow and relate to others.  Most students in a modern school system will only retain a small portion of what they learn in a classroom but if you look through history at the greatest minds, they were all tutored.  Marcus Aurelius, Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Voltaire, Ada Lovelace, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Hannah Arendt, Virginia Woolf, and many more. Read this article.


In the end, a decent public school will give an earnest, reasonably intelligent, and capable child a fair shot at a good life.  What we’re trying to do here is democratize the individual support that can help them soar.  We can complain about public education all day and, again, I think overall it is a massive win for anything we can call civilization.  What if tutors were available to you at all price ranges because they were competing for students in a single marketplace?  That’s 2torr.  What if strong High School and University students could guide younger students and make a little money on the side?  That’s 2torr.  What if tutoring were not just for the wealthy or elite but could be accessed by all of us?  That’s 2torr.

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