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Laetitia O.

From: $50/hr

English Tutor



Hello! My name is Laetitia (Le-ti-ci-a), and I am a New Yorker currently enrolled in Columbia University studying English and Education.

I have been tutoring and delivering great results (high grades, A-range) for about 2 years now, specifically to New York high school students (and some college freshmen!), and it has been a wonderful pleasure. I specialize in essay writing, prose, analysis, and College App essay writing, and French grammar/literature. As a college student at a competitive and high-pressure institution, I have been able to master quick, effective, and critically considerate forms of writing.
I've aided in writing about 50 articulate and powerful essays by working one-on-one with students to (1) talk out their thoughts, (2) create clear, potent outlines, and (3) begin to combine these ideas to form impactful paragraphs.

Further, I developed Common App essays that landed me admission to Columbia University (Ivy League), along with helping other students brainstorm for and write their own Common App essays. 3 of my students received admission to NYU, along with some to Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Wesleyan, U of Boston, etc.!
I have also repeatedly and consistently scored full points on the SAT Writing&Language sections, which I have one-on-one tutored for.

Regarding French, family is from Paris, so I have spoken the language my whole life! Moreover, I've taken French courses all throughout High School and College with grades in top percentiles, so I am confident in my grammar & writing abilities.

If you're looking for help with an essay, a paper, or a shorter assignment, you've found the right place. I sympathize with how hard it can be to put your thoughts onto paper in an articulate, eloquent way. Having an idea for a paper and not knowing how to write it out is frustrating, let alone struggling to come up with any ideas at all!

That's where I come in :)

Reach out and tell me specifically what you need help with! I'd love to make writing easier for you.





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Beginner 11-99

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